Slope Rating Tables

This section contains Slope Ratings charts for Dumfries and County. Consult these tables to establish the course handicap you will use for each round of golf. The tables are applicable for both men’s and women’s Slope Ratings and may be used at any course with a USGA Slope Rating. These tables are also displayed next to the first tee.To use these tables:
• Open the slope rating chart for which tees you are playing from.
• Find the appropriate range for your index.
• Read straight across the table for the course handicap to which you will play.
For example, if your index is 18.1 and you’re playing of yellow tees you would find your index in the range of 17.8 to 18.6 and see that you play to a 20 handicap.

Slope Rating Charts

White Tee Chart
Yellow Tee Chart
Red Tee Chart
Blue Tee Chart
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